The plastic doypacks, besides that looks good on the shelf, there have a high impermeability (f.e. O2, water vapor) and other various mechanical resistances thanks for the laminated foils. It can be printing with flexo technology in up to 8 colors.

We can produce the pouches even of 4 layers, insuring full UV and light protection. When combined the right foils it will be suitable to atmosphere or sterilizable packaging.

Thanks to the zipper it’s easy to reclose after opening, without any tools. Can be carried out with: punch hole, euro hole, holder, zipper and tear notch too.

We can offer different standard sizes pouches from stock, but – according to some design parameters – we also produce custom sizes products. The most important factors for choosing the right pouch:

  • Fill weight: The most important factor what is affecting the size of the pouch. On request, we are sending sample bags, and our customers can choose the right size to their own products.
  • Storage: The most influential factor to the material structure of pouches. Important to choose a right laminate of storing the product. For example is the light protection is necessary? – in this case must be metalized or aluminium foil.

Here are some examples of how to pack various products into plastic doypack pouches.

Plastic stand up pouches with zipper




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  • D&D Kft.
  • Force Ultra Nature
  • Nyírfacukor
  • Khell Food
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