Printed flat-films, what produced from polyethylene granulate by extrudation, are made for flowpack packaging machines. Thanks to the film’s special recepture, they can bear hot too, so they are perfectly suitable for high-speed packaging machines. Maximum size is 800mm, thickness up to 150 microns.

BOPP films have excellent optical and mechanical qualities, they are made from PP granulate by extrudate, and than with abiaxial orientation process.  The BOPP films are very well suitable for bag producing and for automatic packaging machines. Maximum size is 800mm, thickness up to40 microns.

The CPP flat films have same optical and chemical qualities almost the BOPP films. The difference is in their tearing and streching qualities. It’s mainly suitable to the manufacture of pouches with cutting welding. Maximum size is 800mm, thickness up to70 microns.

It is possible, like all our products, to make different laminates. Thanks to the macro and micro perforating it’s able to make a perforated flat film, which will suitable to packaning vegetables or fruits. Perforation helps to press the air out. We offer our various flat foils for frozen products, bakery, confectionery, textile, vegetable and fruit packaging.

Flat films


  • Pharmaceutical drink powder

  • Pet litter

  • Seeds



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