The pillow bag is the most commonly used pouch form, wich is very simple, but extremely cost effective and reliable packaging. Deliver and storage is also simple. This is one of the most traditional packaging to use on the market. With our pillow pouches we offer the cheapest personalized option.

Various combinations of material structures enhance the durability of the packaging. The traditional pillow bags what makes from tube foil are very popular in the pickels packaging. This product offers a cost-effective solution, but is not too modern. Here are the most limited size and design options. For exaple we can printed only one side of the tube foil.

 Our side welded bags can we produce from duplex or triplex laminated foil. Can be carried out with: punch hole, euro hole, holder, zipper, tear notch, and bottom filled zip version. Dimensions: width 30 mm - 400 mm, length 75 mm - 600 mm.

Pillow bags




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